About Me

Hi my name is Lindy, I am all about the love I also consider myself a Veganista! I have been on my vegan journey since August 2, 2015, I have been gluten free since March 13, 2017. I can say I love this scatterbrained life I live. We never should forget to love in everything we do.

I am an animal lover not just pets but every animal in the world, becoming vegan suits me. I am very earth conscience too, I use less, buy recycled, I recycle and use non toxic eco friendly cleaning products. My dream is to have a tree house one day, with an ALL animal rescue and drive a Vegan Leather Tesla.  **hint hint Elon Musk 😉

veganista  veganista

I create lots of recipes and most of them I veganize and deglutenize, hence why I call myself the Veganista. I love to share my creations also I have random thoughts that just come out of me so excuse me if I just post “stuff”. Also I really do love to share the things I have found and use that are amazing. I’ll take the guess work and fill you in on all the cruelty free products out there.

All in all I feel as if this world has forgotten to love first. If we all thought that way, one would think about the other before acting, there would be less depression, abuse, crime, lying, ect. I want to share far and wide that love is the answer while I show my acts of love. I may not have much but what I do have I will give in love. Love is the answer and I will never forget to love.

If you have anything you want to share with me, how you began your journey, how you want to start or  you are just curious. Leave a comment or for more privacy shoot me an email. I love to give advice or even would love to hear from you. This is a judgment free zone as I said I love first everything after is up to you!