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    Glitter Fabulous

    TweetHey so by now most people who have read my blog, saw that I really am into all things cruelty-toxic free. Everything I use is cruelty-toxic free, I love it.  My hair color on the other hand the smell kills me, it smells so chemically. So I after years with fighting the battle, I transitioned to have glitter fabulous hair. I like to say glitter because gray sounds old and dull, and I’m not old and dull. Deciding to have glitter highlights aka natural highlights has been an on going idea of mine. Finally I decided to take it to the next level and be fabulous. I wrote a post awhile ago…

  • Frugal Living

    Frugal Vegan

    TweetMy husband and I have struggled for a while now. We have a construction business and it is a tad bit hard to get off the ground in a town full of construction businesses. So one thing I have learned is how to be frugal and now I’m a frugal vegan. One of the biggest false statements I have heard is “It’s so expensive being vegan”. Blah blah blah people can be so naive. I mean hello (hands wave in their face) how much is steak going for now? What!? You paid like $50 bucks on a rib roast?! Quit saying it’s too hard that’s not an excuse you want…