About the Veganesta

Hi my name is Lindy! Want to learn about me?

I love all things! Recipes, DIY, toxic free, cruelty free and animals are my favs. 

My husband and I are vegan & gluten free! So all the recipes I do are catered to that and I even will post recipes that are my favorite that I veganized and de-glutenized! I love this lifestyle and it’s a total passion of mine now!

Going vegan has led to me be more conscience that my everyday products are cruelty free and safe for the planet. That means no chemicals and less waste. So I’ll find totally awesome DIY cleaning and everyday use products and when I fall in love I’ll give you the know how. You might even save a pretty penny too.

I have many passions! I love books, cooking, DIY projects and my grand pup Oozie which he may make appearances. Reviewing super awesome things is my game! 

How could you not love that face!!

If you need a review or have any suggestions for me I’m free to listen, contact me at