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Hoppers Hoppy Ever After

Hoppers Hoppy Ever After

I want to share a beautiful story of meeting our sweet boy, Hopper. 

hoppers hoppy ending


Hi Hopper here I wanted to tell you my story, I don’t remember much of my puppy-hood but I know I must have been beat up a lot. I was at this very scary prison but then I got transferred to another place that had bars, the people here were at least nice to me. I made a lot of friends especially with the ladies that took me out. All I would have to do is turn, look at them and sit pretty, they couldn’t resist my charms. They gave me these yummy little treats all the time. I had so many friends in that place but I was there for a long time. At night I would get lonely and those other guys would drive me crazy with all their yapping. Every time it got light I got to see the lovely ladies again.

Day in and day out it was nice there but some of the others weren’t so nice, I got beat up so bad one time I made the ladies cry. I was happy but felt I was missing something that was until I saw this new lady that started to come. She seemed nice but never took me out until one fateful day she did.  Since I am always right; she was nice she even sat, pet and hugged me. I like hugs they are my favorite and treats I like lots of those. I tried to be on my best behavior so she’d take me out again.

The next day

She came again with a man, they both took me out. They were so nice they both gave me treats too. Every time I saw them they wouldn’t always take me out but would stop to give me hugs and treats. Then one day they came and I met another dog, who was cool and I could tell we’d be best friends. Then it happened they put me in their car and I watched as they drove me away.


hoppers hoppy ending

    hoppers hoppy ending

(Hopper is the black pitty and Oozie his BFF is the rednose)

We pulled up to another place that was nice and I got to go inside. This place was so big no bars and I got to check the place out. They even had a place I could go outside a run around with my new brother. When it started to get dark I was scared I had to go back to a cage but that’s not what happened. Do you know what did happen? I got to sleep next to that nice lady on this really soft thing. I remember looking up at her before I fell asleep and I told her thank you with a kiss.

The next day was so exciting, me and my brother went to the woods and we walked for like ever. I was tired but I had so much fun we went up and down, on these little wood things that we walked over I heard them say it was a hiking trail. I was so tired when I got home but I got to sleep on that soft thing again with them. Let’s hope I never have to go back because I love those two people who rescued me. 

These boys are a trip here is some hiking pictures, Hoppers first hike. He thought he was at Disney World.


Message from his adopters: We could not have met a more gentle sweet soul than Hopper. He deserves every bit of love and freedom he gets, he has quickly became one of the best decisions we have ever made!
Just an FYI

If you want to find the perfect dog that will fit with your family, I encourage you to volunteer. You get to know the dog and fall in love, it’s also good for depression. Walking dogs has helped tremendously, my belief is you get your mind focused on something else, doing for others you have no room for depression. An hour a day keeps the meds away! If you want to follow these boys adventures they have Instagram account @hop_n_ooz and if you want to donate to this very special no kill animal shelter Out of the Box in Inverness, FL click here. 

I just wanted to share the changes in this dog after 2 weeks of freedom from the shelter. What a handsome gent!

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