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I have amazing news for those of you that saw my earlier post about my love hate relationship with running. You can read it HERE if you didn’t yet but I have grown to appreciate running!! Yes me!! I have learned to focus on breathing instead of my hate and that keeps my mind focused enough to get it done. Three weeks ago I ran my first mile and now I can run three miles as long as I stay focused. So long scatterbrained runner say hello to appreciative runner.

Appreciative Runner  Appreciative Runner

Here is the update on my 5k! I ran, I beat my time of 47 minutes to 38 minutes. Woohoo!!! But I won’t party too long 🙁 Even though by myself I can run 3.3 miles without stopping and I continue to run 3.3 miles I couldn’t do it in the 5k. There was too much distraction for me and I could not focus on my task. First don’t run with your best friend which you haven’t seen in months all you want to do is talk. Talking and running is not a good combo especially if your a newby. Secondly having to weave around other people and the crowd sort kicked up my anxiety so scatterbrained runner made a nasty visit.  Of course my try hard awesome husband rocked his first 10k coming in 6th place in his age group, not bad for a first timer.


After the run we went to the Central Florida Veg Fest it was sooooo much fun. I got some yummy food I had a Philly Cheese Steak Pizza from Joe’s Oat Pattie’s  and some Red Velvet Irie Cream by DaJen Eats. Vegan and gluten free of course and it was the

Appreciative Runner

 Appreciative Runner

But…. December 2nd I am doing another 5k with my BFF. We are doing the inflatable run it’s going to be a blast, gotta have some fun. YOLO I can honestly say I sort of enjoy running now I look forward to it. They say that once you get past that first mile it’s a piece of cake and it is. It’s weird but it is, if I can run then anybody can do it too. I am hoping one day I can get past I have and run the entire 5k. For now I’m so proud of the fact I can do it on my own. 

I’ll be totally honest with you though running isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I am not always in my happy place. I just tell myself “I did it yesterday I can so do this” and it might suck but I do it. When I run up a hill I give myself a whoop because I made it. Then my favorite part about running is going down the hill lol! Let’s face it though it’s very uncomfortable some days. I hate the whole run, those are the days you keep going because in the end you will be proud of yourself. That is what matters self worth, running isn’t just for your body and health it’s for your mind and spirit.

             appreciative Runner appreciative Runner appreciative Runner appreciative Runner

If you have a running relationship I would love to hear about it we are all here for each other.


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