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Scatterbrained Runner

I hate running so much. It is not fun, I am so hot and it kills me to keep on running. I have all these excuses on a reel in my head as to why I should stop and just walk. In my head I really want to love it and I realize I’m a Scatterbrained Runner.

Scatterbrained runner

What exactly is a Scatterbrained Runner? I am glad you asked, I want to be a runner the idea of it is awesome to me but then I get out there to do it and my head starts with all these excuses to stop. Excuse after excuse goes through my head and I end up hating it then I feel miserable.

How many of you say they would run but it is so hard. My hand would be up first. I feel like everybody is watching me and laughing because I look like a weirdo. Here is what else is on the excuse reel:

  • Need to catch my breath

  • Going to run from that point to that point only

  • My legs are going to give out

  • I look like a rabbit hopping

  • Might throw up

  • Cannot. Do. This

  • This is too hard

  • I’m soooooo hot

  • It’s never going to end

  • Ahhhh cramp!


I have a lazy frame of mind it is so much easier to just walk, if I could just get past that mind set and just do it. I keep telling myself though that if I can do this I can do anything! There are so many things in my life I want to accomplish but if I can accomplish running then I do anything. I have issues about leaving things unfinished hence the name scatterbrained, it’s like I have good intentions but then it’s hard and then I forget about it. 

Tonight I broke down one barrier though. I. Ran. A. Mile. Straight! Yay I am so proud of myself, I did it!! Now I need to keep it up. My husband does, he is a balls to the wall type of guy. He sees a goal and he runs for it literally, he is a crazy machine. He hated running until about four months ago he started running and now he doesn’t stop. So friggen easy just call him Forest Gump! (eyes just literally rolled) j/k I’m so happy for him!! He’s a walking inspiration machine I’ll share that story soon. Here’s the scoop on that he weighed about 320 lbs now he’s down to 160 lbs.

That is not me though but oh how I wish it were. So I will keep trucking with my love hate relationship with running. Hoping to one day love every minute of it. 

I’d love to hear about your relationship with running. Do you love it? Or hate it? Or maybe can give some encouraging advice. Lord knows I need it, I will overcome this though! I maybe a scatterbrained runner but at least I’ll be happy about it.

UPDATE: I have signed up for my second 5k with my bestie,the first one I ran some and walked but this one my goal is to run the entire way! I have been training I.Am.Gonna.Do.It!!

&& go figure my amazingly good at running husband is running his first 10k, I mean why can’t he start with a 5k like seriously who does that? Haha it’s gonna be a blast!

I will update after I complete it!!


  • Cindi

    Loved your story. I feel the same way when I got out for a run-walk. I have done 15 5ks and feel accomplished when I go over the finish line. I still can not run the whole way but trying. I have lost over 50lbs this year and run walking helps and is great for the mind. Keep up the good work.

    • lindylur

      That is awesome, What a great weight loss. Running really does seem like the all around weight loss tool! That is what I do also run/walk I told my husband I think I’m a sprinter because I really enjoy the run/walk. Running just wants to be loved lol

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