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Salt-Pauline Creeden

Salt-Pauline Creeden








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I loved this story, I am loving the whole mermaid tale. It is very exotic. I enjoy reading books by this author because her books are very clean and more about a story not lots of fluff. I loved naive Verona, she has been sheltered most of her life. Her clan shuns her and makes her feel like she is lower than pond scum. She has to live among the humans but she has no intention of this, until a fluke happens and she kinda has no other option.

So what can I say about this story, it was sweet and innocent. I liked this story, it gave me the feels. I loved Grandma Wend she was such a sweet classic grandma that loved fully. Logan was sort of broody at first , the way he treated Verona wasn’t to great. I guess I get it this stranger just washes up on shore the way the world is nowadays she could most likely be taking advantage. Logan got over his broodish ways though and realized that the weird girl was just weird so he was able to show how cool he was.

I liked the sweetness of this story not so much heavy, there was some heavy towards the end but I enjoyed the light heavy moments.There wasn’t as much romance as I would have liked, I did think there would be more . She did have a decision to make though did she return to her clan or live among the humans. I was actually surprised by the outcome, I thought she would chose different but alas I was wrong. Find out the ending read the story!

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