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A Gluten Free Diet

Has anyone ever heard of Spinocerebellar ataxia? Did you know that ataxia and gluten could be related? This is why I am on my journey to go gluten free.

Spinocerebellar Ataxia: This disease is an inherited disease that damages parts of the brain and it progresses over time. My mom had it and her mom and so on. My mom got worse through the years and I watched her decline and my oldest sister was diagnosed four years ago.

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 In the back of my head I’ve been a nervous since I learned it was hereditary, of course I never show it but I was. Once I hit 35 I started noticing little changes in my coordination and speech though. Now I want to share with you why I went on a gluten free diet.

Enough with the serious, I just wanted to give you a brief history of my family. Now I’ll share with you the exciting change in my life that has totally changed my outlook. Obviously, I had one thing in my life that was causing two problems. I realized after 20+ years of getting sick to my stomach every time I ate that I was allergic to gluten.

Most of you have heard of gluten intolerance, I was never diagnosed but I had all the symptoms. Doing some research on gluten issues I came across Gluten Ataxia, very interesting. Gluten Ataxia causes symptoms of ataxia and one way to stop the progress is to eliminate gluten, that’s what I did.

Now I had already been vegan for a year and a half so I’m no stranger to eating different but let’s add one more log to my ever burning fire. That knocked a lot of foods of my list that was already short to begin with.

Once I learned what I could eat and what not to eat, it has made my quality of life better. I love being a gluten free vegan. I have been gluten free for four months now and boy do I feel good, so good. Here is a list of my feel goods:


  • I am not sick to my stomach anymore, I don’t feel like there is a rock in my gut (It use to be daily)

  • I can walk in a straight line 

  • Speech is improving

  • I trail run now ( I couldn’t do it before but now I am more confident in myself)
  • Head isn’t all foggy
  • I have more energy
  • Handwriting improved


Holy cow that is a long list of feel goods but I love being gluten free. I could add more to the list one of which is I can actually eat enough food. Before gluten gave me a false full feeling which I hated so I would purposefully not eat enough so I would not feel bad. I had lost a lot of weight but now with my diet and working out I am at a great weight. Thank you for letting me share my story and if you have any questions or have anything to add feel free to comment I’d love to hear from you.

You can also check out my recipes that I have posted a lot of them I deglutenized and veganized. Even a store bought bread that is to die for Little Northern Bakehouse.

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