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I Review How to Save Money Quick


Life throws curve balls sometimes you need to save money super fast. Debt creeps on you so fast. All you can think about is “if I didn’t have to pay this debt, I’d be good”. Over the years I have learned 5 ways you can save money quick! When your husband owns his own business, sometimes it’s great other times not so much. Then you need to go on red alert, on to the saving of money. 

  1. Cancel all your services-   Want to save money? Here’s a good first step. We haven’t had cable in about four years. We purchased an Apple TV we still have internet but that is all we pay for. So we have some free aps we just watch those. We did have Netflix and Sling but recently just canceled them to save extra. I actually don’t mind it, I read more or get more done. Actually what happened is we buy Amazon Prime every year. It really does save money on shipping, you know what I recently discovered though? (seriously coulda had this epiphany sooner) You get tv and movies also so why not take advantage of that. We got a fire stick and we have lots to watch between our Apple TV and that. Some aps you get allow you to watch the prime time shows the next day on demand. That’d what I do with Walking Dead and I love Walking Dead it is all about priority.
  2.  Stop eating out-    I’d say stop eating period that would save you money but there’s probably a problem with that. No just don’t eat out maybe save it for occasions. We hardly ever eat out even though we have limited places to eat we can always find a place if we wanted. If you know you are going to be out around lunch time. Plan ahead, make a sandwich or pack a cooler. I hate eating out anyways. I hate wasting the money on something that only tastes good on the tongue for a few minutes then it’s waste.
  3. Make your own cleaning supplies-    Pintrest has a million and one DIY cleaners out there. I buy a big jug of vinegar and baking soda that stuff is pretty cheap and can go along way. Vinegar stinks I know but the smell goes away after it drys. A little vinegar, water plus some rubbing alcohol makes a great window cleaner that is way better than store bought. Plus it only takes a little to mix and no chemicals. I love no chemicals. If you mix vinegar and dish soap (I use a no chemical brand) in a spray bottle it makes amazing shower cleaner. Baking soda can be used as a soft scrub and as drain cleaner mixed with vinegar. Like I said a million and one ideas. I made my own laundry soap and softener, dishwasher soap, body soap, shampoo and conditioner. It is worth in the long run. Store bought cleaners can get pricey it’s around the same price to get 5 or 6 times the amount.
  4. Eat your groceries-   We will most of the time have to go to the store several times throughout the week. Recently I have a ban on that, it was ridiculous every time you go you get more than you need and leave there spending more than was necessary. So I’ll just say I’m not going to the store let’s find something we can eat. Chances are we have full dinners ready and available. Since we are vegan it might be a little easier. We can eat rice and beans and we are good. If you go through your pantry I’m sure you can find something. Have meatless Monday or Tuesday or whichever day it is.
  5. Lesson your bills-    Call your service providers, ask them if there is any cheaper services you can get to lower your bill. Chances are they will help you they want to get paid and if they can they will. Sometimes it’s a no go so son’t get discouraged but when you hit the jackpot. It’s a winner winner tofu dinner.

These days I’m all about saving money, I really want to pay off debt. There is probably more ways out there to save money now. It’s such a broad topic, I would love to hear your ideas we could do a money saving brainstorm. Help me get out of debt!!


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