DIY Make-up Remover Face Wipes

DIY Make-up Remover Face Wipes

Sometimes you don’t want to stand at the sink and wash your face. I get it because I’m that girl every night, in fact I rarely take my make-up off. I am just lazy that way but I shouldn’t be because I need to take care of my skin, I ain’t getting any younger.

DIY Make-up Remover Face Wipes

Face wipes are the easiest make-up remover out there but I haven’t ever been able to use them. Every time I try I break out in chicken skin like bumps all over my neck and face. I think I must be allergic to the wipe material because it’s every type I try no matter which brand it does the same thing. So therefore I hardly ever take off my make-up, I know shame on me. I also have started to limit chemicals that touch my body. I have almost eliminated the amount of paper waste except that of toilet paper, haven’t done anything with that yet. That is why I LOVE this idea, it’s made with reusable baby wash cloths so you use them then throw them in the wash and use them again. Yay no waste, chemical free and cruelty free. Bam bam bam totally hit this one out of the park.

DIY Face Wipes

2/3 cups distilled water

1/2 cup witch hazel

1 Tbsp liquid castile soap (I love this Bronners Almond smell, it’s my favorite)

1 Tbsp oil Jojoba or sweet almond

I just mixed all the ingredients then poured it over the wash cloths in a 16 oz mason jar. Then take one squeeze out the excess and wash your face no need to rinse off.

This mixture made my face so baby soft. I also added a few drops of lavender essential oils, you could add frankincense if you want to add a little anti wrinkle to it. 

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